IRMAC AR2 Heater

Infra red asphalt 2m x 1m heater
Providing 2m2 heating area)
Consisting of 2 x 1 m2 burner pods.
Led touchscreen temperature & time controls controlling time burner temps, ambient temp surface temp ignition start up and system ignition and emergency stop. 80 litre refillable LPG tank.
12v 200 amp gel filled battery and 24v converter.
Optional Extra’s:
Solar panel charge whilst working Inline charger to plug in to host vehicle Exterior gas take off to run accessories and tools. 12v exterior take off to run working hazard lights


(UK specification may vary worldwide)

The IRMAC hot box utilises the same ultra efficient heating technology as built in to the AR2. Hotboxes are fuelled by LPG and can keep 1 ton of new asphalt at 100C for up to 48 hours.

Hotboxes can be supplied separately or fitted to any vehicle. But are usually supplied fitted to one of our custom made trailers specially designed to also carry a vibrational roller.


(UK specification may vary worldwide)

We can provide Renault Master or Vauxhall Movano long wheelbase mid roof vans.

Fully fitted out with chequer plate including, lights, loading ramps, on board pulley and battery charging systems.


(UK specification may vary worldwide)

We also can supply all other peripheral equipment from JCB VMS 71 vibrational rollers, road traffic signs, traffic lights, Rakes, Brushes, Spazzels, Bitumen Sprayers, Hand Lances etc.


We recommend and provide full in house certified training courses that fully teach how infrared repairs are done, up to fully covering the operation and maintenance of the IRMAC AR2 heater. These typically last 1 week. Full operational handbooks and course guides are provided for future reference.

3 Levels of course
Level 1-Operator
Level 2-Supervisor
Level 3-Training Provider and Service Engineers

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