The Irmac AR2 utilizes a pre-mix fan gas system,this means that the system mixes the correct mixture of gas & air prior to combustion in order to burn at the desired temperature, this element can be controlled (unlike a naturally aspirated system), this allows for safer control of the combustion and also for significantly better gas efficiency and thus more cost effective to run.


The Irmac AR2 is fully re-programmable by way of a touch screen control panel meaning that the operative can choose the most suitable burn cycle for the type of surface and grade of asphalt being worked on, this is achievable through the pre mix system and it means that the system can be used at settings that allow you to heat up and repair sensitive types of asphalt that other systems cannot. As their ‘one program fits all’ system may burn too hot, damaging and carbonizing the asphalt causing it to become unusable or highly susceptible to an unsustainable repair.


The Irmac AR2 utilizes a refillable LPG gas tank, meaning that the operatives don’t have to manually handle large replacement gas bottles and be involved in connecting/disconnecting them, and they can fill this system at regular LPG fuel stations for ease of use and maintenance that makes it safer and quicker to re-fill the system. It is also more efficient as replacement gas bottles are known to only use 67% of their contents before having to be replaced, due to the drop off in pressure at which these systems have to operate operate at, without the use of these bottles the AR2 system minimizes this wasted gas.


The Irmac AR2 requires no umbilical chords
to be attached to the heater from the host vehicle. You will notice other systems have the LPG bottles and electrical power systems inside the vehicle that transports them and the heater has to be connected to them in order to operate, this means the heater has to within the length of the chords in distance from the host vehicle and the vehicle has to be moved along the road to allow the heater to move along and operate with it.
Our system is fully contained with on-board power and fuel systems so it operates independently from the host vehicle. This means the host vehicle can be locked up and parked safely whilst the operatives operate the heater as far away from it as required. Avoiding the risk of van theft, the risk or other vehicles or the onsite plant running over the power chords and damaging them, eliminating trip hazards for the operatives and also removing the need for operatives to have to connect/disconnect electric and LPG supply cables.


It leaves much lesser carbon footprint because it is independent from the host vehicle and so does not need to have the vehicle engine running unlike its competitors, you can imagine the amount of extra CO2 emissions they are giving off by having to have the vehicle running whenever they are working, the reduction in emissions by using our system are significant!

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