Leasing (UK)

IRMAC does not sell the AR2 system with in the UK but it is available for lease from
With leases starting at £450 per week over 3 years with discounts available for multiple lease contracts and extended peripheral contracts.

Why lease an IRMAC AR2 System?

Leasing IRMAC AR2 system allows companies and within and outside of the asphalt industry to add and integrate, the most cost effective, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly asphalt repair solution to their current portfolio asphalt repair services.
Provide 12 month guaranteed repairs when repairs are done using the IRMAC method of best practice.

Why financially lease?

It can be calculated financially that using the IRMAC AR2 system of infrared repair compared to the traditional cut and saw method of repair. That the IRMAC AR2 system can effectively save what it costs to lease in a single days usage in Asphalt material costs alone*. With all the other material savings including the very costly landfill and waste transportation costs associated with the traditional cut and saw repair method, all now becoming bottom line profit.
With leasing this also help offset upfront balance sheet equipment costs allowing the system to cover its own costs from day one as stated above.

For more information on leasing please contact Irmac

*Calculated at asphalt costing £95 per tonne and the fact that the IRMAC AR2 system only uses approx 10% of the Asphalt needed in a traditional cut and saw repair.
Leases all Subject to Irmac Roads Ltd Lease Contract.

Contracting (UK)

IRMAC is involved in the contracting primarily in the North West of England but also UK wide, currently both on contracts that are:
Long term contracts to Local Authorities and Councils.
Private one off contracts with various Estate Management Companies, Civil Engineering and Building firms, F1 Motor Racing Circuits, Supermarket and other large Blue Chip Clients amongst many others.

Our contracting prices* are guaranteed to be the most competitive, long term, sustainable per sq meter repair prices. Compared with, both our nearest competitors and companies performing the traditional cut and saw repairs.
All our repairs come with a 12 month guarantee.

For a quote please contact Irmac

*Price varies dependent on travelling times and contract size. Usual full day contract is a minimum 36 sq meters.
All Contracts subject to Irmac Roads Ltd Terms and Conditions.

Sales (Worldwide)

IRMAC AR2 System
Price £ POA
Even though Irmac does not sell the IRMAC AR2 system within the UK however we do sell overseas. The price is dependent on shipping import duties and any other levies or taxes.
We have distributors in the Middle and Far East please see contacts page.
However if you are enquiring either to purchase or become a prospective distributer, from the US, Europe or Africa please contact us.

IRMAC Sealcoat
IRMAC also provide a unique specially formulated Sealcoat solution used in all of IRMAC’s own repairs.
IRMAC Sealcoat can restore and preserve all modern asphalts and macadam surfaces that have degraded due to oxidisation and trafficking over a period of time and where major repairs are not necessary. IRMAC Sealcoat also now improves anti skid properties and enhances the surface regenerating its original rich deep colour.

Price: £25 per 25 litre bag
One 25 litre bag should provide 10 sq meters of asphalt coverage.

Enquiries for sales please contact Irmac

All sales subject to Irmac Roads Ltd Sales Contract Terms and Conditions.

Find your nearest IRMAC distributor for a