Q Why is the IRMAC AR2 system better than previous infrared asphalt heating systems?

A. There are numerous reasons why see info page for the five main reasons our current clients think why.

Q. Can finance be provided to purchase equipment?

A. Yes have a number of companies that can provide asset finance for any equipment purchased from IRMAC (subject to status)

Q. Where has the IRMAC AR2 system been used and by who?

A. Local Authority’s, Civil Engineering, F1 Motor Racing Circuits, Supermarket and Blue Chip chains amongst many others, see our clients page.

Q. What equipment and peripherals can IRMAC supply?

A. As well as the IRMAC AR2 heater. IRMAC also supplies our custom designed trailers and hotboxes using our ultra efficient heating technology, vibrational rollers and fully fitted out and equipped vans with all peripheral equipment needed to perform repairs from shovels to traffic lights. We tailor a package to meet your needs and requirements.

Q. How much of the old in situ material is recycled?

A. 99% is recycled.

Q. Is the IRMAC system eco friendly?

A. Yes. Hugely more than a traditional repair as it reduces both waste and carbon emissions. We have had it independently assessed that the carbon foot print of an IRMAC repair is 80% less than a normal traditional repair. Plus 99% of old material is recycled.

Q. Is the IRMAC system cost effective?

A. Yes. The system is far more cost effective than traditional repairs, as there are no associated land fill taxes as 99% of old material as recycled, workforce can be halved in comparison to traditional methods, time for repairs are reduced and far less expensive new material is needed for repairs between 50% and 90% less new asphalt needed per repair on average!

Q. The average repair time?

A. Less than 20 minutes per individual repair, this is obviously far lower if you’re doing numerous repairs in the same location, as the AR2 can be left to heat while the previous repair is being completed.

Q. How many operatives are needed to perform repairs?

A. Only two trained operatives are needed.

Q. What type of repairs can the IRMAC AR2 be used for?

A. The system can be used for all types of asphalt, macadam and surface dressing for surface repairs including joint failures, trench re-instatements, defects around ironworks and potholes

Q. What is meant by “Best practice”?

A. That the machine is operated by trained
operatives who have completed the training
course. The repairs are done using the correct anionic IRMAC binder
and preferably finished with IRMAC Sealcoat.

Q. How long do repairs last?

A. We currently have not currently had a repair fail in 4 years of use, when the repairs have been done using “best practice” methods.

Q. Why is Binder Needed?

A. An anionic Binder is applied onto the surface to rejuvenate old material by replacing lost oils and to help bond and protect the new material and repair as a whole.

Q. How noisy is the process?

A. The process is far more quite than a traditional repair down to the fact no jack hammers, pneumatic drills, or still saws are used in the repair process. The only real noise in the whole process is when a vibrational roller is used to compact and complete the repair at the end!

Q. How much safer is the process for operatives?

A. The infrared repair process is far safer than a traditional repair as no jack hammers, pneumatic drills, or still saws are used. Seriously reducing the chances or injury, noise induced hearing loss, tinnitus and white finger in operatives!

Q. How reliable is the IRMAC AR2

A. Very. We have over 10 yrs experience in developing this technology and have similar machines using similar technology that have been running and being used every day for over 4 years.

Q. How easy is the AR2 to maintain?

A. Like with all regularly used industrial equipment the AR2 does need basic maintenance form time to time. However the training course will teach operatives how to service, maintain and replace parts that do where out. The IRMAC machine has been designed to make maintenance as easy as possible.

Q What Training is needed?

A. We suggest each company at minimum gets 2 initial operators trained. We provide training packages lasting approximately a week with full operating and training manuals.

Q. What does it run off?

A. Standard LPG and a battery. Which is recharged from either the mains, a vehicle or optionally solar panels.

Q. What is IRMAC Sealcoat and what does it do?

A. Sealing Asphalt with Specially formulated IRMAC Sealcoat can restore and preserve all modern asphalts and macadam surfaces that have degraded due to oxidization and trafficking over a period of time and where major repairs are not necessary. IRMAC Sealcoat also now improves anti skid properties and enhances the surface regenerating its original rich deep colour.

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